Benefits of using Compass Wealth Group

  • We’re an ‘accessible, anytime, anywhere’ firm. We come to you when and where it’s convenient, including after hours or on weekends. You’ll be given contact numbers to call anytime.

  • No circumstance is too difficult for our fully trained brokers, who are fully qualified to search for and write loans. We work diligently to secure your loan, even if doing so is challenging.

  • We map the complex loan world so it’s easy to see where you’re heading. We explain matters simply, using plain language.

  • Most brokers concentrate on selling their own products. We concentrate on selling our people, who make the difference. We have extensive knowledge, extensive experience and major ‘care factor’.

  • With a multitude of quality leading lenders on our books, we promise to tailor the best option for any of your needs.

  • With our expertise and persistence, we have massive confidence we’ll get you the right loan.

six steps to settlement success

About us

In 2014 Compass Wealth Group was created, with the team having charted a clear vision.

Compass will make it smooth sailing for clients traversing difficult loan territory. Compass will help all clients find their way. Compass will help all clients find the best deal for their needs.